Agricultural fields

Terres agricoles

The Foundation owns an agricultural estate of 110 ha, left to be farmed to farmers, situated at the periphery of the park with some fields constituting a buffer zone.

This effect is stregthened by the planting of 1 200 m of hedges surrounding the park and the Praillebard pond in 2000 and 2001 ; 500 m of supplementary hedges were planted in 2007-2008 and a field was used to create an orchard with some varieties supplied by conservatories orchard of the Ain department. This orchard reinforces the buffer effect necessary close to a neighbouring housing zone, thus constituting a corridor to link a forest massif circumventing the urbanized zone.

Except for the forest des Oies (13 ha) and the fenced 147 ha (of which 100 ha are wooded) situated within the park, that constitute since 1950 a hunting territory, the rest of the land had an agricultural purpose.

When the farmer based on the Praillebard farm retired in 1998, the management of the 30 ha of his exploitation was taken over by the Foundation, for the creation of the Praillebard pond and the creation of prairies around the pond.