Temporary ponds

Mare prairiale

About 20 small temporary ponds (in prairies and forests) have been dug up within the domain to favour biodiversity, and also to help Université Lyon 1 studies on amphibians and fish (competition between autochtonous and invasive ones).

Anciens bassins à tortues
Old turtle pond

Moreover, 4 experimental basins next to the Boufflers pond did permit to undertake a study on competition between two tortoise species: the European pond turtle (Emys orbicularis) and the Florida pond slider (Trachemys scripta).

The embankments and surroundings of these temporary ponds are regularly maintained.

The prairies situated around ponds or around the temporary ponds have a function in wet zones.

In 2014 a prairie was reconstituted over a fallow land, north-east of the Page pond over close to 4 ha (partially floodable thanks to a dyke situated in the surrounding ditch).

Mare forestière
Forest pond