Founded in 1982 and declared a public utility in 1984, the Foundation Pierre Vérots has ascribed itself 3 missions in its statutes.

Rainette verte (Hyla arborea)

Make its domain a conservatory for regional flora and fauna species.

Femelle adulte de Chevreuil (Capreolus capreolus) équipée d’un collier GPS au moment de son relâcher

Contribute to scientific research by opening its domain to scientists for long term studies.

Information et sensibilisation du Public

Inform the public about its activities.

The mission of the Foundation Pierre Vérots is thus to study and preserve, the fauna, the flora and the habitats of the Dombes.

For the whole of its actions undertaken on its domain, in 2016 she received the Grand Prix of the Edouard Bonnefous Foundation awarded by the Institut de France which theme was « Innovative projects from private actors in the field of the environment », and then,during the same year, the Praillebard Domain was labelled Sensitive Natural Domain (ENS) by the Department of the Ain.

These distinctions do encourage the Foundation Pierre Vérots to carry on its missions and are witness to the recognition granted by the community of its will to associate, over a fragile biotope, the preservation of the environment and a socio-economical management and to develop quality scientific work through conventions signed with research laboratories.