Thesis Scholarship

Since 2019, the Foundation has decided to contribute even more significantly to research by offering regularly thesis scholarships, to a maximum of two simultaneous theses.

The thesis projects proposed are required to be clearly in frame with the statutory scientific objectives of the Foundation : knowledge of the Dombes environments and of the animal and plant species that live there.

The thesis projects are required to be in frame with the present day objectives of French scientific research and to be based at least in part on the Foundation domain and its scientific and documentary bases. Comparative projects that include other parts of the Dombes or other comparable regions, french or not, will be considered.

The call for projects is open to any innovative subject. Particular attention, but not an exclusive one, will be paid to subjects covering the following themes:

Scientifiques à l'étude des tritons
Scientifiques étudiant les tritons
  • Biochemistry, biology, microbiology and ecotoxicology of stagnant water bodies (ponds and humid areas)

  • Microfauna and microflora of forest soils in wet areas,

  • Dynamic and evolution of animal, plant and microbial communities in freely evolving forests,

  • Eco-ethology, eco-physiology of nesting Anatidae in wet areas and analysis of anthropic perturbations,

  • Dynamics of invasive plant and animal species

  • Health and wet areas : plant and animal pathogens and their vectors

  • Influence of past and future climates, of the evolution of local cultural pratices and urbanisation on ecosystems dynamics.

Recent renovation of Praillebard buildings now permit to house the recruited student.

If you wish more information or to submit a proposal, please send your demands to the President of the Scientific committee of the Foundation Pierre Vérots at this address:

Your project will then be discussed by the Scientific committee before validation by the Administration Board.