The Team

The personnel of the Foundation comprises 3 full-time workers.

M. Timothée BEROUD - Régisseur

Manager: Mr Timothée BEROUD

  • Implementation of decisions of the Administration Board,

  • Setting up and implementation of the management plan,

  • Management and monitoring of the domain,

  • Coordination of activities (in particular scientific),

  • Communication,

  • Organisation of regulation hunts and pond fishings,

  • Representation and involment in various local organisations (NATURA 2000, ENS, RAMSAR, member of the Ain CDCFS, etc.)

Mme Shîrîne LAROCHETTE - Secrétaire/assistante du régisseur

Secretary: Mrs Shîrîne LAROCHETTE

  • Reception, call management,

  • Accounting and administrative monitoring of the Foundation,

  • Website management.

M. Jean-Philippe RABATEL - Technicien

Technician: Mr Jean-Philippe RABATEL

  • Management of the domain (clearing, slashing, tree felling, etc.),

  • Maintenance of buildings and green areas,

  • Monitoring of water birds (holder of the ringing authorisation “anatidae”) and water levels,

  • Trapping of pests species (coypu, musk rat, black crow),

  • Setting up regulation hunts and pond fisheries,

  • Sworn particulate guard.