Etang Riquet

With a surface of about 4 ha, the Riquet Pond is at the head of the chain of ponds, upstream of Boufflers pond. Before it was bought by M. Vérots, the pond had been dug up too much and then transformed into a bucket, and its western shore backfilled, all of which made more difficult filling it up.

Importants renovation works have also been done on this pond since 1994:

  • Restauration of the slopes on the western shore,

  • Development of an independent basin in the former pond tail,

  • Linking of the pond to the present-day western watershed by eliminating the earthen bulges that surrounded it,

  • Development of a belt of ditches with earthen dykes to permit filling up the pond,

  • Renovation of the discharge valve (thou) and establishment of a concrete bottom.

Etang Praillebard

These works have permitted to improve the water resource available for Riquet Pond by multiplying 3-fold the basin surface of the watershed that went from 15 to 45 ha.

Riquet pond that had not reached its overflow mark since several decades has reached it anew in 2002 and 2003, thus a one of the consequences of developments done since 1995, mainly since the extension of its watershed.

It is managed following the same logic as Boufflers, with a permanent water impoundment that permits it to be a conservatory pond with about a dozen meters on each side of the discharge valve.